cocktail dollfie dress



first of all, thank you Kahlen, toosan and kitty for letting me have kahlen for the shoot. (snatched the pictures from

 price – 80usd, (comes with necklace) shipping not included.

size – model doll size atm, other size can be discussed if ordered.

 Modeled by Kahlen (model doll Ipsae) here are her

measurements :

height : 68cm

chest : 26.5cm

waist : 18cm

hips : 28.5cm

 waist to floor (length) : 46.5cm

payment : paypal or bank transfer (bank transfer preferable atm)

 thank you~


3 Responses to “cocktail dollfie dress”

  1. aahh so pretty. But wondering also can you also tailor make for boy dolfies? ^^ i would be able to send in the measurements tho. asking! ❤

  2. the3rdsex Says:

    thank you! .. ahh yes.. i do for boys too… i will post up the next outfit.. which will be for a boy’s ready to wear. .. and if that suits you, ill make anotherone for your boys measurement.

    sorry for the late reply.. im not too sure how to this blog yet. hahaha

  3. Ei ??? Gukichan know alex one meh ?????????/ what a small wolrd !~!

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