this is the 3rd sex blog page….

my works regarding the 3rd sex will be updated on this page as well as my website which will soon be up.

let me give an introduction to the thirdsex.

the third sex is a fashion line of both men’s wear and women’s ready to wear. the style is much of an androgynous style. and some unisex.


the main purpose for creating this blog is for….

12″ D 3rd sex… which is a sub label of the 3rd sex for dollfies.

12″D3rdsex has designs of the third sex as well… now the dolls can look like the owner. =D … and, each design of 12″ will be sold for 2 sets only regardless to whatever size it maybe.

and…. wooord… i have no idea how to blog.



3 Responses to “heyllo~”

  1. That is a very good idea <33
    I look forward to seeing your work (..outfits…?)
    *_* This is exciting..<3 ..very exciting. XD;;

  2. the3rdsex Says:

    thank you thank you~~~ ❤

  3. oh wow~ XD kewl, I’ll stick around. I’ve seen your masterpieces here and there ❤

    I got your wordpress from too-san. I dun have a dolfie tho, I wish I do.. ;x;

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