designs for dolls request

These are garments which i did for Project Runway Malaysia. I’m putting up some for request for dollfies. However as said, 2 sets per design only.



please click on the image for fullview.





 these are the few that are makable for dolls i suppose…. hehe… there are some th




13 Responses to “designs for dolls request”

  1. Ur design is awesome !!!!!!!!!
    tell me if u got any show ~~

  2. hey alex. i absolutely love your project runway finale collection. are you selling any?

  3. hey dena, thank you so very much~~
    at the moment ive only one piece in my hands, which is the elastic pants…
    other than that, ive returned it all to 8tv .. >.<
    but i could remake one if you would like one… although it can’t be the same but yea…. which one are you eyeing on??? hehehehe

    thanks for dropping by

  4. is the elastic pants like the one above? how much do u charge? i especially like ur johdpur-like pants and pointy shoulders

  5. this is the elastic pants.. its made from elastic bands actually… but im not sure i have enough elastic to make a new one at the moment….

    the jodhpur like pants? which one is it? the one with red stripe at the back?
    pointy shoulders… the dress above? hmmm the dress would probably cost quite a lot..

    for the elastic pants it would probably cost around 700rm. its a lot of work. and for the pants above… maybe rm300

    do u have a budget in mind?

  6. i absolutely love this but rm700 is too much for a student. which one is rm300?

  7. ooh… you’re a student ya? hmmm…
    then, do u have a budget or some sort? the pants above, with the red center front is around 250rm to 300rm. but since you are a student.. hmm, u let me know ur budget and ill see what i can do 🙂

  8. well alex i have saved ur num to my phone. i get some money 1st lah. but i am very interested in the elastic pants. theyre so hot@! but i dont think i can afford more than 400 tho. anything just email/msn me la

  9. alriteys dena… but first ill have to get them elastics from hongkong dulu… muahaha… i am so waiting for someone to wear my elastic pants. HAHAHA… i will see what i can do. 🙂 but it has to be after nov. 😉

    cheers… *hugs*

  10. ok after nov would be perfect since ill be finishing school then. ok wait no longer, ill be the 1st to wear em i promise!

  11. awesomeness!! muahaha.. but first i must be able to get hold of the elastics … hahaha…

  12. where can we see the rest of your collection?

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