my workshop <3

ahh… havent been writing. ..

have been a lil busy lately setting up my workshop.. and a few dresses / outfits for clients.

my workshop-

when my dad agreed to let me set up my workshop… i was like a happy kid jumping up and down and so looking forward for the renovation and furnitures. . ahaha.. i rented a place with a reasonable price and a huge space. =D but… its on the top floor… 3rd floor with no lift…. thus, i have to walk/run up everyday … which is good for me… i am very much lack of exercise duh! haha

renovation completed in less than a month.. and after that, my machine came.. i so love my iron!!! THE MEGA STEAM IRON!!! <33… and also i got 3 other machines. after the machines arrived, i went to ikea….. and.. wtf, the 1st time i went.. my credit card couldnt go through and the blardy atm only allows to withdraw RM1000… BUT… the stuff that i took was around 1.7k. SHITS!! and jonathan was with me at that time. so… feck it, i had to go back the next day…. walking around ikea is not THAT much fun… too big… too much stuff …. too heavy… [ my leg was exhausted, i cant stop looking at things and wanting them and wtf.. i pulled 3 trolleys on my own]. plus, many things that i wanted were sold out.. especially the EXPEDIT BOOKCASE ;_;… i so love that one. and i had to go back again after 2 weeks to get more bookcase and etc…

my drafting table is tha awesome!! wooohooo!!! love love love love love….


so yea. here’s the picture. =)       


the entrance

the chill out … love the round sofa thingee… and its cheap ❤

the pantry…. yea.. messy i know. ahaha..  and EMPTY…


my ubberly messy drafting table.

my mannequins…. ❤ how i adore them. buahaha…


my little blackroom… the furniture has yet to be assembled. @_@

my awesome iron!


hmmm thats about it …

and now.. my work… LOL…

an evening dress for a client.  [ not finished] [ will have a clearer pic when its done xD]


and the blue dress… a gift … but ive dragged it for too long. ahaha -.-

and last but not least. haha. dolfie~~ … but -.- erm. hahaha… just started, so , nothing to see. lol


9 Responses to “my workshop <3”

  1. gambateh…………..jia yooooo~~~~~

  2. Wherrrre is your workshop placed?

  3. Wah !!!!!!!!
    Ur showroom !!!!!! sooooooooo huge ….
    So nice !!!!!
    100% finnish renovation liau ??

  4. the3rdsex Says:

    rainf – ahaha. yea.. jia you

    kt – near my place. k.kemuning. BAHAHAHA… HOW ARE U MAN!!

    reiki – memang besar. haha. renovation finished. but furnitures not all in yet. lol

  5. which one is audrey’s dress ohh??

    See i found a client for you, how are u gonna repay me?!?! Muahahhaa!!! 😛

  6. dam cute la the chairs! I wana wear bernie’s dress hahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. the3rdsex Says:

    leon – hmmm… ill belanja u … MAMAK!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    too – which chairs… =OO,… i wanna wear too… if i have the legs .. wtf

  8. Your Father Says:

    Girl….sorry this is my first time to log in ur b—-log..hahhahaha
    do u wan my opinion for ur workshop?hehehhehe.dont wan rite,later i will critic until die 😛 lets party at ur place la…..since u said u always miss me…we all go makan makan at ur place lo..

    ur beloved

  9. the3rdsex Says:

    PA!!!! ;_; very cha meh my workshop? T_T sorry pa…. im not as tasteful as you … hehehe
    yaya.. come makan at my place. hehe

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