one dress done!!


ok.. the lace part.. all of the lace parts were hand sewn…. it took me around. i dont know.. maybe approximately….. 25hours – 30 hours. i have no idea… i only know that my back hurt.. and then after that.. my neck… wtf -.-……. ok.. 25hours includes pinning and putting the laces in position..

omggggggggggggggggggg….. -.- when i was sewing the last panel of laces… i took a real deep breath and went ‘COMON!! ONE MORE!! GOOOOOOOOOO!!!’ and after that.. i was relaxed. =) sooo happy..! wahahaha…

and then i had to go get some buttons from ss14… but wtf… it rained heavily… and the shop tripped a a few times. o_O wtf…. and i was soaked wet -.-…. when i was on the way back to my workshop….. the road barriers were everywhere on the road cause of the wind. … the wind was so strong that even the barriers flew everywhere,… -.- and of course… it caused jam.

and here are the pictures…

btw, i kinda like the dress. hahaha

the last two pictures are the laces which i hand sewn. ahaha wtf -.-

and now… off for the dollies garments! muahaha…

ok im off to bed. really sleepy………

and yea.. i just notice. it cropped my pictures… T_T i seriously have no ideahow to upload pictures…


18 Responses to “one dress done!!”

  1. This dress is so elegant and nice, but it’s not completely finished, right? i can just imagine this being worn down to a red carpet, hahahah

  2. wow nice …. good work there… i would buy it if i’m a girl .. πŸ˜›
    between hows chucky ? πŸ˜›

  3. S U I ……

    i also need one for ur opening!!!

    red carpet!


  4. Wah !!!!!!!
    Its gorgeous!!!!!
    I love the embroidery/laceγ€€very damn much!!!!!!!!
    Its “Dai Hong” untill stomach~~
    very easy let a man to undress it ~~~ buahahaha

  5. the3rdsex Says:

    simmy – finished. haha… *muakz*
    sea – -.- hahaha.. yea. go have a sexchange. haahaha

    allien – WAHAHAHA… yea. ill buy one red strip and make a red carpet for u. buahahaha…

    reiki – =.= sei hamsup lou. AHAHAHAHA.. thank you btw… oi! when are u gettin married? so i can do ur wife’s baju. AHAHAHAHA

  6. Hey babe,can i be your mannequin?lol,your dress is seksi sama cantik! Very good work,and when can we visit your workshop for a tea session:) *blinks

  7. the3rdsex Says:

    Jeanious – wei sui po! hehehe… we have a Ms.malaysia here… heheheheeeeeeeeeeeee… thanks thanks.
    yea lor. yamcha… hmmmm… im fine with at night. ehe

  8. Damn it… it’s so revealing!!!! Mana boleh?!?!

  9. iyo, Leon, tolong la ade sense sikit boleh tak,not revealing how to be sexy?

    Alex:name me a day babe and i drag irene along!

  10. i totally fell in love with this dress at first sight! u’re a genius!

  11. joanne – hey.. thank you very much! and thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  12. it may have taken you 25 hours but the dress is totally gorgeous πŸ™‚

  13. no prob! u deserve it πŸ™‚
    is the dress for sale??

  14. evie – thank you very much!! yea.. the 25hours is worth it. πŸ™‚

    joanne – thanks.. the dress is sold to a customer already .. 😦 sorry

  15. awesome!!!sorry,juz opened ur blog..are u lim Kok Wing’s student?juv curious by ur work…;-0

  16. ~perfectly nice and unique

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