evening gown for (non human) =O


for non human customers…

here’s an evening gown dress for non human female customers =)

evening gown

evening gown

i did this for model doll size …. any request for other dollsize please let me know.

but this gown, again limits to 2 dress only.

model for the dress – toosan’s Kahlen.

evening gown front view

evening gown front view

evening gown back view

evening gown back view

the dress is made of some very fine italian silk chiffon and silk satin for the base.

lastly, the necklace .

black lace necklace with swarovsky diamonte and beads

black lace necklace with swarovsky diamonte and beads

the necklace is made of lace and hand sewn beads with swarovsky diamonte and glass beads.

Price :

Dress – 120USD

Necklace – 18USD

(exclude shipping)

payment method – paypal (quin_yeo@yahoo.com)

– cash for the local customers or bank transfer

*please note that days of production would be within a week to 2, depending on my workload.

and shipping days would be depending on what kind of shipment you choose*

thank you


the3rdsex =D


8 Responses to “evening gown for (non human) =O”

  1. wah dam nicee!!! i shall go promote it

  2. fuaaaahhh~~
    That’s pretty one ~~
    How u got those material from italian ?
    and , i interest to know , where u got that doll ? is that a human height ??

  3. the3rdsex Says:

    toosan – ahaha. thank you thank you

    reiki – bahaha.. i bought it locally.. its imported. 🙂
    nope. the doll is around 70cm in height. and .. its not my doll, its toosan’s doll ( a friend) he bought it online.

  4. very nice, i love the details at the back, would be great for a human too

  5. Hi!
    I would really like to purchase this dress, but for 60cm SD size, would that be possible? Please let me know, thank you!

  6. simmy – nahaha. yea.. if anyone would wanna buy it.. ill make . hehehe

    Hope – yes, it is possible. could you please email me at d_3rd_sex@yahoo.com for more details? thank you..
    ur add, what kind of shipment, payment method..

    and u would only want the dress yes? 🙂

    thank you

  7. TIE-me-ON Says:

    wat a fucking fabulous dress!!!
    beautiful…tremendously gorgeous…
    can thee make a real man size??
    im 189cm height,40-29-35,i will send a full body naked body pic to ur email ~
    if u wld like to know more detail of moi,i can visit u at ur house so tat u can hav a closer look~~

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