fabrics fabrics fabrics and…. EMBROIDERY!!!!

i went fabric shopping the other day with Alwyn Chua the one and only Slutina…. and we happened to drop by Euro MOda…

yea, the fabric store that sells crazily expensive fabrics.. =.= arghhhh…..

I was in a real foul mood that day until i got my embroidery in the morning (which ill explain later) and when i saw tons of

bright colour fabrics!! ❤

we were at the organza area, i picked up some striking colours like fusha( no idea how u spell that) pink, bright green/ yellow, electric blue,

etc…. i was jumping up and down… hahah o_O yea, i really was… ermmmmmmmm…… but that cure my foul mood that day… hehehe

here are the fabrics…. although the colour is not striking at all in this pic.. but.. yea…

and the EMBROIDERY…. ❤ i have finally got one of it… and i loved it topieces. muahahah…

here is it….

this is the front, and its actually an opening between the man and woman…

and this is the back…

thats all for today… have a gudday *muaxx*

and happy deepavali~~~~


14 Responses to “fabrics fabrics fabrics and…. EMBROIDERY!!!!”

  1. it’s fuschia my girl hahahaha. so damn sexy la ur embroidery. yumz.

  2. Wow. That is one WOW piece. Love the color and the fishnet strings, it dat’s wat u call. hehe.

  3. aww.. tthank yu thank you… *huggies*

    oh.. sorry.. fuschia… i suck at spelling. muahahahaha…

    kenny – thanks *hugs*… hmm, thats not fishnet though.. i dont know what u call it either.. lolll its part of the embroidery. hehehe

  4. wah !! very jeng ! Tin Har mou Teik la you ! !

  5. reiki – hahaha.. tin har mou teik ur head la u… haha

  6. stupid moi, how’s your collection coming along for the MIFA thingy? I hope you ain’t slacking too much ya…kekekeke

  7. Gosh! I am a BIG fan of your work! You are one of the best young designers I have ever known! I adore your skills and talents, as well as your creativity and innovativeness. Project Runway was a blast and I really thought that you should be named as the winner. You did amazing work!
    And, the embroidery, it is awesome!
    I wish you the best of luck for MIFA. =D

  8. simmy = hahaha. im about to mati. lol

    phil – omg… thank you so much *huggies* i just saw your d.a page… you have some nice stuff there.. and most of alll.very awesome fashion illustration. hehehe…
    thank you phil~ best of luck to you too. 🙂


  9. Wow the embroidery looks really good. @_@ Haha how much would you charge if I commissioned you to make my malay wedding dress in the future?

  10. hey!!! xiao ying!! thanks for dropping by!! long time no see btw. 🙂
    hows life treating u? hehe

    thanks 🙂

    hmm that depends, ive never done a malay wedding gown before,…. but ill need to look at the fabrics and everything before a charge… hmm.. few grand maybe…


  11. ate abit can anot

  12. olan update abit can anot

  13. i wan this for my performance !!!!!!!!!!
    i wear only this !!! no pants onstage ~! muahahah

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