bridal and cheong sam .. HHAHAHA =D

alrite… im doing some bridals right now… and it’ll be selling at SOlemate/The Wedding at Jalan telawi Bangsar.

here’s one.. hmm.. not an over the top gown… im trying to keep it simple… here it is. 🙂 image262


and also.. i did a cheong sam for miss Bernie Chan… host for project runway malaysia, model, actress, mc… ❤ this is my first cheong sam though.. haha.. i was kinda scared to do it at first… but.. haha here it is.. and im happy with it.. its a classic one.. we decided to just go with the classic cheong sam…

image263hmmm… u cant really see the cheong sam on fit… because its not the mannequin size… 😦 couldnt find bernie’s full body picture.. 😦

2657_70921601514_666311514_2275647_7607843_n bernie Chan. ❤ wearing the cheong sam i made. hahaha

thats all for now folks…




11 Responses to “bridal and cheong sam .. HHAHAHA =D”

  1. ~hey..was wondering if the cloth to cover the bossoms or watsoever u call it is supposed to be in such a way….i know nothing bout fashion sincerely but was thinking tat its kinda hangin and doesnt flow into the shoulder straps…sorry if i said anything wrong… 🙂 lots of good luck dear

    • hmmmm i dont really get you though :p …
      bossoms are supposed to be the bust rite? haha. so sorry.. =.= i know i sound stupid. ive always thought that it was supposed to be the a*s. ahahaha
      ooh.. yes,… it is supposed to be like that… its pleated with chiffon and the straps are fully beaded…
      na.. no prob.. 🙂 glad that u gave an opinion. 🙂

  2. sexy. i love. make me a girl

  3. proud of you babe, glad that your career is kicking up, now it’s just about maintaining career and romance at the same time. hehehe Ka Yao !

  4. Kaitlynn Says:

    the white dress is beautiful!! 🙂

  5. Jin-Jin Says:

    Just discovered your blog. LOVE your work!! Keep it up!! 🙂

  6. Wow… this post was last stopped on march??? any new blog??? ^_^

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