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bridal and cheong sam .. HHAHAHA =D

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alrite… im doing some bridals right now… and it’ll be selling at SOlemate/The Wedding at Jalan telawi Bangsar.

here’s one.. hmm.. not an over the top gown… im trying to keep it simple… here it is. 🙂 image262


and also.. i did a cheong sam for miss Bernie Chan… host for project runway malaysia, model, actress, mc… ❤ this is my first cheong sam though.. haha.. i was kinda scared to do it at first… but.. haha here it is.. and im happy with it.. its a classic one.. we decided to just go with the classic cheong sam…

image263hmmm… u cant really see the cheong sam on fit… because its not the mannequin size… 😦 couldnt find bernie’s full body picture.. 😦

2657_70921601514_666311514_2275647_7607843_n bernie Chan. ❤ wearing the cheong sam i made. hahaha

thats all for now folks…




mifa 10 rising stars

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yea.. it was long ago.. about 2 months back? lol.. it was during the fashion week… where i showcased my collection of ‘escaping reality at MIFA’

inspireded by brothel and the animated series of MONONOKE … of the whores in the brothel who wants to escape but failed… of the reality where people often feels to escape the reality.

colours of black with vibrant touches of blue, lime green, yellow and pink.

here are a few of the designs.

dress with embroided belt.


highwaisted velvet pants with shawl top and embroided cape.

img_8439 layered top  with multiple colours

lc3_5756 top with fully emrboided pants.

img_8494 knited at the back of the dress


and so… the 1st post for the new year!!

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so… i have been so lazy to resize the pictures that made me post nothing…

but here it is…

pictures of the dollies from CF…

ill try to post pictures from the mifa 10 rising stars soon… I PROMISEE… *cross them fingers* lol

happy family happy family….  mizuki on the left develle is the mama… and shirota on the right… thanks to kitty and jonathan for the dolls.

outfits for Mizuki –  70usd.

shirota’s outfit – 75usd


develle’s dress + corset – 150usd.

shirota shirota – ill not quote this outfit first… the picturedoesnt show the jacket. >.<


mizuki – shirt + vest + highwaisted pants + socks – 180USD

alrite. thats all for now…


evening gown for (non human) =O

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for non human customers…

here’s an evening gown dress for non human female customers =)

evening gown

evening gown

i did this for model doll size …. any request for other dollsize please let me know.

but this gown, again limits to 2 dress only.

model for the dress – toosan’s Kahlen.

evening gown front view

evening gown front view

evening gown back view

evening gown back view

the dress is made of some very fine italian silk chiffon and silk satin for the base.

lastly, the necklace .

black lace necklace with swarovsky diamonte and beads

black lace necklace with swarovsky diamonte and beads

the necklace is made of lace and hand sewn beads with swarovsky diamonte and glass beads.

Price :

Dress – 120USD

Necklace – 18USD

(exclude shipping)

payment method – paypal (

– cash for the local customers or bank transfer

*please note that days of production would be within a week to 2, depending on my workload.

and shipping days would be depending on what kind of shipment you choose*

thank you


the3rdsex =D


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its not that i dont want to….. but its just that it doesn’t inspire me at all….. why cant i get inspired by things like flowers, butterflies, things that ppl would run to in the sunset…. and feel the love!!

i was about to design a collection… but hell!! all that came to my mind was… BROTHEL!! BROTHEL!!! … aka – ‘kai dao’ and even worse… wtf abortion… OMG.. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?!!! but i tried not to think about that abortion thingee… call me superstitious… -.- omg…………………….. wtf is wrong with me… GIMME SOMETHING PRETTY TO THINK ABOUT!!

neways.. i went to the bank this morning.. was there for like. 2 hours/…. wtf… i waited like shit… so wanted to die…

and.. omg. GIMME A PS3!!! GIMMEEEEEEEEE!!!

is a wii better or a ps3 better? but ive only been playing ps2, and i want to follow up the ps3 games… shits.but the games are so expensive…

one dress done!!

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ok.. the lace part.. all of the lace parts were hand sewn…. it took me around. i dont know.. maybe approximately….. 25hours – 30 hours. i have no idea… i only know that my back hurt.. and then after that.. my neck… wtf -.-……. ok.. 25hours includes pinning and putting the laces in position..

omggggggggggggggggggg….. -.- when i was sewing the last panel of laces… i took a real deep breath and went ‘COMON!! ONE MORE!! GOOOOOOOOOO!!!’ and after that.. i was relaxed. =) sooo happy..! wahahaha…

and then i had to go get some buttons from ss14… but wtf… it rained heavily… and the shop tripped a a few times. o_O wtf…. and i was soaked wet -.-…. when i was on the way back to my workshop….. the road barriers were everywhere on the road cause of the wind. … the wind was so strong that even the barriers flew everywhere,… -.- and of course… it caused jam.

and here are the pictures…

btw, i kinda like the dress. hahaha

the last two pictures are the laces which i hand sewn. ahaha wtf -.-

and now… off for the dollies garments! muahaha…

ok im off to bed. really sleepy………

and yea.. i just notice. it cropped my pictures… T_T i seriously have no ideahow to upload pictures…

my workshop <3

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ahh… havent been writing. ..

have been a lil busy lately setting up my workshop.. and a few dresses / outfits for clients.

my workshop-

when my dad agreed to let me set up my workshop… i was like a happy kid jumping up and down and so looking forward for the renovation and furnitures. . ahaha.. i rented a place with a reasonable price and a huge space. =D but… its on the top floor… 3rd floor with no lift…. thus, i have to walk/run up everyday … which is good for me… i am very much lack of exercise duh! haha

renovation completed in less than a month.. and after that, my machine came.. i so love my iron!!! THE MEGA STEAM IRON!!! <33… and also i got 3 other machines. after the machines arrived, i went to ikea….. and.. wtf, the 1st time i went.. my credit card couldnt go through and the blardy atm only allows to withdraw RM1000… BUT… the stuff that i took was around 1.7k. SHITS!! and jonathan was with me at that time. so… feck it, i had to go back the next day…. walking around ikea is not THAT much fun… too big… too much stuff …. too heavy… [ my leg was exhausted, i cant stop looking at things and wanting them and wtf.. i pulled 3 trolleys on my own]. plus, many things that i wanted were sold out.. especially the EXPEDIT BOOKCASE ;_;… i so love that one. and i had to go back again after 2 weeks to get more bookcase and etc…

my drafting table is tha awesome!! wooohooo!!! love love love love love….


so yea. here’s the picture. =)       


the entrance

the chill out … love the round sofa thingee… and its cheap ❤

the pantry…. yea.. messy i know. ahaha..  and EMPTY…


my ubberly messy drafting table.

my mannequins…. ❤ how i adore them. buahaha…


my little blackroom… the furniture has yet to be assembled. @_@

my awesome iron!


hmmm thats about it …

and now.. my work… LOL…

an evening dress for a client.  [ not finished] [ will have a clearer pic when its done xD]


and the blue dress… a gift … but ive dragged it for too long. ahaha -.-

and last but not least. haha. dolfie~~ … but -.- erm. hahaha… just started, so , nothing to see. lol