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designs for dolls request

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These are garments which i did for Project Runway Malaysia. I’m putting up some for request for dollfies. However as said, 2 sets per design only.



please click on the image for fullview.





 these are the few that are makable for dolls i suppose…. hehe… there are some th




cocktail dollfie dress

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first of all, thank you Kahlen, toosan and kitty for letting me have kahlen for the shoot. (snatched the pictures from

 price – 80usd, (comes with necklace) shipping not included.

size – model doll size atm, other size can be discussed if ordered.

 Modeled by Kahlen (model doll Ipsae) here are her

measurements :

height : 68cm

chest : 26.5cm

waist : 18cm

hips : 28.5cm

 waist to floor (length) : 46.5cm

payment : paypal or bank transfer (bank transfer preferable atm)

 thank you~


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this is the 3rd sex blog page….

my works regarding the 3rd sex will be updated on this page as well as my website which will soon be up.

let me give an introduction to the thirdsex.

the third sex is a fashion line of both men’s wear and women’s ready to wear. the style is much of an androgynous style. and some unisex.


the main purpose for creating this blog is for….

12″ D 3rd sex… which is a sub label of the 3rd sex for dollfies.

12″D3rdsex has designs of the third sex as well… now the dolls can look like the owner. =D … and, each design of 12″ will be sold for 2 sets only regardless to whatever size it maybe.

and…. wooord… i have no idea how to blog.